Payment Solutions

Once items of interest whether prepaid services or merchandise have been added to the shopping cart and gross pricing confirmed, four methods may be utilized for checkout:

Credit/Debit Card:  must be issued card from US/Canada financial institutions

Paypal: User’s account is linked to either bank or credit/card

Digital wallet: aggregates payment methods including credit cards into one simple, secure method

Petcard/Petcard Plus: Cardholders may request a petcard that is usable for payment of the expense of in/out of 35,000+ network service providers and merchants, strictly petcare. It is linked to the accountholder’s wallet and all purchases will deduct from their wallet balance. We are also offer a Petcard Plus that will allow users to make a credit application similar to the financing description at or Petcard Plus lets petowner pay for out of pocket expenses. Shorter-term option of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months.

Approved funds under Petcard Plus is essentially a credit line that may be used by pet owners for larger one-time petcare costs that aren’t sufficiently defrayed from their Gestalt Fund balance


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