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“Petcare is Us"

Gestalt Fund, a unit of Telcron LLC, is the one stop shop for all things petcare and more. We offer financial tools and resources to make total cost of care more affordable for petowners and in doing so create more pet parents and extend the circle of happiness. Whether it’s buying food, toys or healthcare, our website, gestaltfund.com is the destination to keep your pet happy and healthy.

“We are the care in Pet Aftercare"

Losing a pet could be emotionally draining. Gestalt Fund helps petowners to plan for, and fund their pet aftercare needs. Petowners can get information about account opening directly with Gestalt Fund, partner aftercare facilities, or referral from veterinarians in their area. Contact Gestalt Fund by phone at 856-534-8037, or email gestaltfund@gmail.com to request information about opening your account today.


► Fixed merchandise costs related to pet aftercare for up to 10 years* at memorials.com for funded plans.
► Lowest merchandise pricing guaranteed.
► Funds managed by registered investment advisor from three simple finance vehicles (Gestalt Opportunity, Advantage, Intrepid).
► A portable funding plan that moves with petowner around the country.
► Ability to change funding plan as desired
* Provided the petowner opts to renew at end of first 5 years.
Choices for aftercare – cremation, gem, traditional buria.

Mission Statement

To be the most trusted and convenient online destination for pet parents (and partners), everywhere.


Gestalt aims to help petowners plan for and fund aftercare financial needs and preferences. Since pet life insurance policies aren't a common offering, a Gestalt Fund account puts petowners at the driver’s seat in planning for how their beloved pet is cared for at expiration. It is “money in the bank” for the petowner, and managed as an investment until the time of need for the pet.


For certain traditional aftercare services, petowners may need to visit a local facility to peruse price lists and make initial selections for arrangements that would become part of their Gestalt Fund Plan. Petowners can also arrange for many services that become part of their plan without a facility visit.


With their Gestalt Plan, petowners can select their choice of memorialization items from thousands available through our partner www.memorials.com. They can also opt for memorialization of their pet with a lifegem and other alternatives available.


The sum of estimated service pricing (based on provider’s price lists) and merchandise pricing must not exceed the accountholder fund balance. Where service pricing has not been selected by the user, it’s presumed that the remaining balance after merchandise is paid for is applied to the service pricing that may be obtained at an aftercare facility.

For certain traditional aftercare services, petowners may need to visit a local facility to peruse price lists and make arrangements that would become part of their Gestalt Fund Plan.


Selections made by the petowner for services and merchandise become part of their plan that is to be funded typically within 24 months of account opening for a 5 or 10 year term, lumpsum or monthly.

To setup a plan, petowners need to have the following information:
1. Petowner contact information
2. Pet identity – Pet breed (for dog, cat, horse, specify weight (optional), and age
3. Funding plan: Petowners select one of three funding plan levels with the minimum amounts:
A) $500 B) $1000 C) $2500
that will be held within their Gestalt Fund account.


► With hundreds of pet aftercare establishments situated nationally, there is a choice of care within reach of petowners
► Our web platform helps to make connections for aftercare services and other care providers such as veterinarians to offer a true “lowest cost” effect
► We offer support to accountholders in a personal, compassionate, and compelling way
► Our funding plans utilize low- or risk-calibrated 5-10 year term

financial instruments (inclusive of banking deposits, CDs, bonds, equities) contingent upon agreed upon terms to manage funds for pet aftercare in advance of need that are ompetitive versus similar trust funds.

For accounts with a $1000 minimum balance, pet owners can elect to make distribution from their funded accounts to supplement insurance or otherwise financed veterinarian costs that are incurred before pet expiration.


Once a petowner makes minimum required deposit of $25 into Gestalt, their account becomes active that includes price guarantee for the duration applicable to their pet, usually 5 years^. Even though funds are managed as an investment, principal placed into a Gestalt account is preserved and may be withdrawn* at the time of claim provided the due amount under your plan has been funded.
* 6 months after account opening.
^ or 10 years for horses and certain other pets



All plan enrolees are guaranteed pricing of merchandise of choice for the applicable period and are issued a voucher confirming this at the time of signup to make merchandise selection within 1 month. This is retained as part of their file – up to 6 changes to the initial selection may be made within a 12 month period.


Fiduciary Trust Company International (FTCI) is currently an investment advisor in management and administration of the Gestalt Fund. FTCI is part of Franklin Templeton, a global fund manager with over $800 bn in assets under management. Deposits by users/accountholders into Gestalt Fund is posted in to our FTCI account within 10 business days.


The user can select up to 3 sites usually in the order of proximity to be responsible for their aftercare needs. At time of signup, users are prompted for their closest city and select from a list of aftercare providers that can be coordinated with to obtain aftercare service pricing. Users that are located in areas where providers have supplied pricing to Gestalt will be able to view this to estimate their pricing. In cases where the pricing has been provided, they will be transposed to the Gestalt platform such that items are line item selectable by each users.


Gestalt Fund for Pet aftercare

6-24 Month Plan Outline .

A life insurance alternative for Pets

Pet Spend related to Gestalt

  • In 2013, $55.53 BN estimated spend on pets in the U.S.
  • PET SPEND:  
  • Food $21.26 billion
    Supplies/OTC Medicine $13.21 billion
    Vet Care $14.21 billion
    Live animal purchases $2.31 billion
    Pet Services: grooming & boarding $4.54 billion

Pets Covered & Average Lifespan

Pet Avg. Lifespan (yrs) Total Owned Est (Millions) Mortality Age Recommended at Acct open
Dog 10-12 80 8-10% 5
Cat 10-12 80 8-10% 5
Horse 25 5 5% 10

Geographical Coverage

  • USA (50 states)
  • Veterinaries (>20,000)
  • Aftercare facilities (>700)
  • Canada planned by in ’14-’15
  • Merchandise (Q3)
  • Services (Q1 ‘15)

Pathways to Gestalt Fund use

  • When accountholder may utilize Gestalt Fund holdings


  • Pets are part of the family for petowners. Currently over 80 M dogs, and 80 M cats, owned, that live for ~10 yrs, with 8-10% est. annual mortality.
  • That Gestalt Fund account holdings can supplement payment for vet costs if pet expires ups appeal to petowners and vets.
  • Pet surgery mortality rate is 12X > humans, translates to potential demand.
  • A non-profit that offers grants for certain vet costs, The PET Fund, gets >200 calls/day suggesting real demand for pet healthcare, and derivative aftercare.
  • Pet health insurer, Trupanion went public in July 2014 with $300M valuation.
  • Funding options for vet costs include Citi Health card, CareCredit Veterinary Financing, pet insurance. Some petowners have savings for pet.
  • A cost driver for aftercare is pet size/weight – bigger dogs cost more. Large dog breeds, and horses will be strong target.
  • Gestalt Fund will proactively use social media to recruit accountholders.

Priorities for Gestalt Fund market gain

  • Mobile & Desktop version of gestaltfund.com release in Q3 ‘14.
  • Presence at dog shows, national/regional/state pet events, install gestalt fund kiosks at select pet stores or vet sites in ’14-’15.
  • Pitch as supplement to pay for vet related costs if pet expires.
  • Lowest cost guaranteed merchandise @memorials.com. Establishing service cost agreement with pet aftercare facilities.
  • Market awareness outreach to vets & petowners at top 500 US zip codes in Q3 ‘14, pet friendly employers in Q3-Q4 ‘14.
  • $25 min account open, 24 mos of min installments. Annual redemption estimate ~10%, expected signup growth >10%.

Gestalt Fund Process

  • Signup online, or mobile or mail. Each accountholder must consent to Gestalt pooled trust. Trust documents viewable online and hardcopy sent to accountholder within 1 week.
  • User deposits funds as monthly installment or lumpsum by check, Paypal, ACH. Select fund preference (Opportunity, Advantage, Intrepid)
  • Funds deposited routed to FTCI within 10 business days. Users can view account holdings online within 1 week of deposit.
  • User confirms arrangements within 1 month of signup for:
  • Merchandise selections * Veterinarian (Optional)
  • Service faciliti es ID’d
  • Funds not subject to withdrawal for first 6 months. Afterwards, any withdrawal requests completed within 10 business days.
  • Any request to transfer plan to new service facility completed in 10 days
  • At redemption, entire fund balance made available to accountholder, within 48 hours of request subject to arrangements in place with or without surplus payout to vet.
  • FTCI to provide Monthly/Quarterly status updates to accountholders, and Annual tax reports.

Projected account deposits (lump sum option)

# of accounts
Gestal Fund Type
12/2014 06/2015 12/2015 06/2016 12/2016
Opportunity($500) 250 750 1100 1750 2500
Advantage ($1000) 250 375 500 625 750
Intrepid($2500) 125 180 250 300 500
Gross Contributions estimate ($) 687500 1312500 1875000 2675000 3750000
Account Total est($) 850000 1718750 3093750 5206250 8250000

Projected account deposits (installment option)

# of accounts
Gestal Fund Type
12/2014 06/2015 12/2015 06/2016 12/2016
Opportunity($500) 1000 1500 2250 3500 5000
Advantage ($1000) 500 750 1000 1250 1500
Intrepid($2500) 250 375 500 600 1000
Gross Contributions estimate ($) 162500 406250 1218750 2531250 4500000
Account Total est($) 850000 1718750 3093750 5206250 8250000


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